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Code of Best Practice

Soap​box Trips is committed to operating under the Global Connections Short-term Mission Code of Best Practice.

  1. Aims and Objectives

    • We aim to encourage a biblically-based, long-term vision for all partners

    • and a purposeful project that has measurable goals.

  2. Publicity and Selection

    • ​To ensure clear communication of aims and expectations,

    • appropriate matching of people to projects

    • and adequate briefing and equipping of all partners.

  3. Orientation and Placements

    • ​To ensure adequate briefing and equipping of all partners.

  4. Legal Issues

    • ​To ensure diligent handling of all legal issues relating to our programmes

  5. Field Management and Pastoral Care

    • ​To ensure the aims and objectives are met for all partners

    • and the care and development of the each participant is provided for.

  6. Post-assignment support, evaluation and programme development

    • ​To ensure each participant is supported post-assignment

    • and that all partners are able to give feedback, leading to improvement of future programmes.

For more information about the Global Connections Short-term Mission Code of Best Practice please visit the Global Connections website.

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