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Apply for a Trip

Join one of our Soapbox Trips teams to do something extraordinary this year.

Dates on request

Volunteering with Hope House Haiti, children's home, school and farm.

Dates on request

Ministry trip sharing God's love and training / discipling the local church.

Dates on request

Providing practical help to families, the homeless and marginalised.

Dates on request

Practical work, running children's clubs and an opportunity to get involved in the local community.

Dates on request

Light maintenance work, working with the local community and running children's clubs.

Dates on request

Practical work and running a children's club at a rural village school.

26 July - 10 August 2022

Practical work, children's church, schools activities, sports projects, women's empowerment and much more.

Dated Tailored For You

Supporting a former Soapbox team member in a variety of ways to make a difference to local families and children.

Dates and duration of trip to suit you.

If you already have a team or an overseas project that you support talk to us about our bespoke trips.

Travel at any time of year, stay as long as you prefer and rest assured that we will be there to support you before during and after your trip.

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