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Who We Are

Soapbox Trips provides opportunities for people to go on short-term mission trips and teaching trips to some of the poorest communities throughout the world. We are part of 2:52 Challenge, a charity registered in the United Kingdom.

Meet The Team

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Kathy & Shaun Murphy

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Trip Managers

Shaun and Kathy currently live in Dorset but are still members of Altrincham Baptist Church. They went on their first trip in 1996 as participants on a short term team to Bolivia. They were so affected by what they saw and the difference that the project made to the local people and the participants that they signed up again the following year, so that by 2001 they were running Soapbox's overseas trips and have been doing so ever since.

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Linda & Pete Tomkinson

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Chaplain and Pastoral Care

Health and Safety Advisor

Pete and Linda live in Blackpool where Pete is a manager of a homeless shelter and Linda is a minister in a community church plant. Pete served 28 years in the Army and became involved in Soapbox trips when he spent 6 months in Zambia leading a team for Soapbox in 2012. He is a trained First Aid instructor and manager of Health and Safety and has a real heart for reaching out to those in need. Linda has been on 3 short term mission trips with Soapbox to Romania, Bangladesh and India. She was ordained in June 2012 after training at Durham University. One of Linda's missions in life is to walk alongside people helping them to live the life for which they were created, challenging them to reach the potential that God has for them.


Alison Robinson

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Alison first travelled with Soapbox Trips in 1998, going with Shaun and Kathy to Bolivia. Alison has participated in and led many Soapbox Trips and supported Shaun and Kathy since then.


As a founder of 2:52 Challenge, Alison was keen to incorporate a mission experience into the programme and Soapbox Trips is the perfect organisation to facilitate that.


Kev Whitby


Kev went on his first Soapbox Trip in 2012 to Ndola in Zambia and found the experience both rewarding and challenging.  A second trip followed the next year to Malawi, but the challenge remained to consider serving for a longer period, so Soapbox Tips organised a bespoke project to spend 6 months in overseas mission work – mostly in Nepal, where he experienced first-hand the two devastating earthquakes of 2015.  As a Trustee of 2:52 Challenge, Kev’s main role is to facilitate the work of Soapbox Trips.  His main interests are in preaching and Bible teaching – something born out of his work in Nepal.

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