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Ndola, Zambia

26 July - 10 August 2022
Target Cost
£1,145 excl. flights


A beautiful country in Southern Africa, we will be based near Ndola which is in the heart of the copper belt region in the north of the country.  It was once a thriving area with many mines but now they are nearly all closed so life, with extremely high unemployment, is very difficult for the local people.  

The local people are always very happy to have our teams help them and they will be greatly encouraged by what we do as they allow us to experience their way of life.

This is a great opportunity to experience rural Zambian life and to enjoy the friendship and hospitality of the wonderful local people.


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Project Partner

We will work with many local pastors and ministries such as Pastor Albert at Kamfinsa, St. Anthony’s orphanage, Isubilo community project, Pastor Henry, Oasis Village Trust and will be involved in a variety of activities from building and maintenance to helping in an orphanage that has a group of children with cerebral palsy.

Sleeping & Eating

For the majority of the trip our team will again stay in the Baptist Church of Zambia guest house, just to the north of Ndola. Food is self-catering with the team mucking in to cook and clean up.

For a few days the team will travel to Nsobe Game Reserve. Here you will spend your day playing sport and helping in classrooms at the local community school and spend your evenings sat by campfire watching the zebras, giraffes and antelopes feeding nearby.

What's Included

Price includes:
- all internal transport
- accommodation
- food
- full insurances
- orientation event
- sightseeing
* Please note, flights are not included. 


Once again we are going to Ndola and helping in a variety of different ways in communities in and around the city. From a bush village to an orphanage, you will have a wonderful experience with these lovely people in this beautiful country.

  • Broaden your horizons

  • Encourage the local people

  • See things through the eyes of others

  • Help those less fortunate.

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